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  • 1  Hour

  • 1 Dress/Gown

  • Studio or On Location (Local)

  • One Flowy Dress & One Lace Dress

  • Several poses with each background

  • 25  softly edited images

  • 1 image Epically ReMastered Dress #1

There is simply no time  within your 1 hour to add siblings, spouse with several more poses needed.  Therefore will be an additional fee.

Screenshot 2019-03-23 09.46.37.png

Once you book your Session or Sessions (which I will explain later), you will get a link to a PDF Maternity Guide & KoolKollective Maternity Collection Catalog where you will find the dress of your choice.  Select the number next to the dress and it will be brought to the location the day of our shoot. 

My PDF guide should let you know EVERYTHING you need about your Photoshoot including what under garments to wear.  Let you figure out if it will be worth the investment for you to book both your Newborn Session at the same time you book your Maternity session and save  in the long run.   It will talk about the Monthly payment plan available when you book both sessions ahead of time.    

We will further discuss what ideas and plans you have for your shoot so we can find the perfect location.  


Before you begin,  you may want to ask yourself these questions: 

"What is the purpose for these images?"

"Do I want them to be printed right away for a specific reasons, such as an announcement card?"

"Will I want  an enlargement in my baby's nursery? or maybe in the hall?   

"Do I want an album?" 

"What colors do I want to wear and what color should my environment be?" 

"How soon will I get my prints?"

I am sure you will have a ton of questions and I am happy to answer all of them for you!  

Wether you have them printed or I take care of the printing needs, this matters because the way I shoot will help you get that Epic Canvas you want in your baby's nursery with the colors  to match.  Or maybe I need to take some images that will complete an album with some close ups and details that will make your album complete.  You get the idea.  Once you know, It will be easier for me  knowing I am getting the images you need for your purpose.

I have been doing this for several years and found that when you feel you have the right dress and location for your shoot your confidence level rises and your images start to transform into something epic.  


Although the images will look fantastic straight out of the camera, I have a special editing style that I apply to each one. It will take your images to a whole new level.   That is where my work is really done. So if you think  "how can she do everything in less than an hour and get great images"?   I don't! Post Edit is where I shine.  It takes a few hours to edit a one hour session!  You are truly investing in a photographer's style. 


WEEKDAY special 8-11am

SAVE when you book your Maternity Dress Session on a WEEKDAY.  

8:00 - 9:00 - 10:00 - 11:00 AM SESSIONS


Unless booking additional time

MC (11 of 114).jpg


WEEKEND Morning hours

GOLDEN HOUR is such a beautiful time to photograph your session with the hazy warm tones everybody loves. Get a free extra 1/2 hour.  (Local)

MC (47 of 114).jpg


Weekend Sunset Sessions are in demand. I can only photograph one session per day and it is the BEST time for shooting! Get a free extra 1/2 hour.  (Local)


This session is only for the DRESS only.   If you would like to book an extra hour to photograph your significant other and other children, this will generate more time to do so and also create more images for retouching. 

Additional time shooting = More edited Images

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